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What you need to know about a TikTok account: promotion methods and tips for beginners

TikTok is a video hosting service with short videos, which is similar in function and visually to a social network. This platform offers users familiar functions, such as  in Instagram. You can publish content, send your favorite videos to friends, write messages and even conduct live broadcasts.But in addition to the classic functions, there are interesting mechanics. For example, duets with other users, replies to subscribers’ comments via video and content editing directly in the app. These functions are actively used by both ordinary people and popular makers. Tiktok gives a lot of opportunities to competently maintain an account and promote it.

The number of users of the social platform is growing before our eyes. Every day, several hundred million people visit TikTok to have fun and relax their brains. Thanks to the endless “recommendations” feed, this vacation is delayed for several hours, the user literally cannot tear himself away from the constant stream of content. The main task of a person who wants to become popular in Tiktok is to do everything so that his content appears as often as possible in the “recommendations” section.

Basic tips for maintaining a profile. 

To be able to promote your videos effectively, you need to know how the site’s algorithms work. When you publish content, TikTok offers it to users to view. If people immediately flip through the video, do not send it to friends, do not comment or like, the algorithms will consider your content uninteresting and will not skip the video in the recommendations. However, the number of subscribers is also important. Often, the recommendations don’t include videos from new users due to the fact that algorithms consider such accounts fake, and their videos may arouse suspicion. But there is one hack that many bloggers use – young makers buy followers on tiktok to increase the activity of the channel. Thus, activity appears in the profile, and the chance that your videos will be missed in the feed becomes much higher.

Develop an account design. Come up with an interesting nickname, you can show your imagination 100 percent, the main thing is to know the measure. Try not to use a lot of hyphens, dots, etc. The nickname should be memorable. If you are already a blogger on another social network, use your work alias so that subscribers can easily find you. Set as an avatar a beautiful bright photo that attracts attention. Make a description, tell us who you are, what your blog is about, you can specify geolocation. Attach links to other social networks, this will help increase audience loyalty. And also don’t forget to switch your profile to the pro version to track account statistics, now it’s free.

Shooting and publishing the first videos. Don’t strive for perfect content from the first days. Most likely, in order to understand what video format you like, what mistakes you make when shooting and how to improve the quality of publications, you will have to shoot more than a dozen videos. First of all, you need to adjust the regularity of content publishing and get into your target audience. Don’t rush to buy expensive equipment and hire an installer. To begin with, try yourself in different formats, come up with interesting stories, and show your creative potential. Over time, you will understand how to improve the quality of content and what needs to be fixed.

Account promotion.

How to raise profile activity for free :

– Massfollowing and masslaying;

– Comments under popular videos;

– Videos in the format of reactions or duets (not always free);

– Use of popular music.

If you don’t plan to spend money to attract an audience, then you need to be prepared for the fact that the process will be slow. You have to be patient and keep shooting videos, even if few people support your ideas.

Effective, but paid ways to attract an audience :

– Advertising from popular bloggers;

-Purchase of subscribers;

Many novice video makers are convinced that the best way to attract potential subscribers is to advertise with a famous influencer. However, this is not all true. You need to understand that not everyone is ready to take on new accounts with several videos for promotion. Many set requirements for newcomers, sometimes  they take on advertising only those who already have more than several thousand subscribers.

An inexpensive and effective way is to cheat subscribers. This is a method that few people talk about openly, but a lot of people use this hack. When you already have a certain number of followers on your account, the profile looks more solid, and the page rating also increases. If you have come to the conclusion that you don’t want to spend a lot of money, but you need a quick result, contact a company from which you can buy tiktok followers cheap.

Influencers conquer TikTok in full swing, earn money on it and live their best life. Now you know how to maintain an account to become popular. So what’s stopping you? Forward to the conquest of new peaks!

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