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US National Figure Skating Organization Approves Bitcoin Donations

The United States’ national governing body for figure skating, American Figure Skating, is the newest organization in the country to allow donations in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC). The association has partnered with enterprise-level donation platform Engiven to begin accepting donations and gifts in cryptocurrency, US Figure Skating announced Tuesday. The organization initially unveiled its plans to enable cryptocurrency donations in September 2021. The new donation payment option will be available immediately on the U.S. Figure Skating website through the Engiven platform, with donations in major cryptocurrencies such as BTC, Ether (ETH) , Dogecoin (DOGE), as well as stablecoins such as USD Coin (USDC) and PAX Gold (PAXG). “US Figure Skating now allows cryptocurrency donations for each of its major funds. Cryptocurrency donations are tax-deductible and could help US Figure Skating create programs for athletes,” reads the association’s website. .” US Figure Skating is the first national governing body in the US to accept gifts in multiple cryptocurrencies,” the announcement reads. Related: Crypto donations have increased nearly 16x in 2021, says a new report. Ramsey Baker, executive director of figure skating, noted that the introduction of the donation options is consistent with the association continuing to seek new and innovative ways to provide funding to its athletes, clubs, programs and initiatives.”Allowing our supporters to donate to US Figure Skating Using of cryptocurrency makes sense in today’s rapidly changing financial market.” Baker added that the more opportunities there are for current and new donors to support the organization, the more US Figure Skating can directly support the athletes and the many programs that serve it. members.
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