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Trucker Convoy Demonstrates Bitcoin Value Prop

The below is a direct excerpt from Marty’s Bent Issue #1158: “Mainstream Monday.” Sign up here for the newsletter. It escalates quickly. On Friday, we highlighted the fact that many people turned to Tallycoin, a service that makes it very easy to set up a crowdfund campaign that uses Bitcoin so that those running the campaign can receive money without a hold. The risk of funds being frozen and/or seized is completely eliminated because a government or the company hosting the campaign disagrees with the cause. Since the campaign’s inception, it has raised over 10 BILLION sats, or ~$460,000 at current prices. The buzz around the campaign picked up steam over the weekend. So much buzz that it caught the attention of Tucker Carlson, who hosts one of the most popular nighttime shows on the mainstream corporate media. Regardless of what you think about the corporate media in general or Tucker Carlson personally, it’s not every day that Bitcoin’s value is displayed so clearly and accurately on this kind of stage. “They are turning to cryptocurrency. For example, Tallycoin is a small crowdfunding service that uses Bitcoin. It is not controlled by banks. That’s the point. They organize a fundraiser for the truck drivers. Why is this attractive? Nobody can steal the money. No government can pressure anyone to transfer the money because governments have no control over crypto Bitcoin goes from person A to person B and everything the middleman does, the company connects the two. It’s quite attractive. And you can imagine the long-term consequences here. If those in charge in this country and in Canada want to make the US dollar irrelevant, they will continue to act like that and soon it will be. Anyway, it is becoming very clear that decentralization is only way is to get around technology’s stranglehold on our human rights. […]“A very powerful message has just been sent out to millions of people in the US and the world. I expect this trend of high signal Bitcoin coverage to increase over time as governments become increasingly desperate. While Bitcoin is in the spotlight Tucker Carlson did wonders for mainstream awareness of the value prop instead of hyperfocus on price volatility, there was another move that will work wonders for adoption and usability; Cash App introduces the ability for all of their tens of millions of users to sats over the Lightning Send Network. The number one financial app in the app store keeps it up to date with advanced technology that enables people to send small and large amounts of sats instantly and cheaply compared to on-chain transactions. is true that many Cash App users are currently ignoring the Bitcoin page, what is important is that Cash App bitcoin products bo yourt that allows their users to take advantage of the Internet when they’re ready. Some will realize that they are ready to use Bitcoin on their own initiative. Most will be forced to realize the utility of the network as a result of the civil liberties violation that pushes them into the network’s hand. By enabling the Lightning Network on the app, Cash App will increase the number of people who will be able to take self-preservation of their sats due to the fact that users with fewer sats are less likely to transact on-chain when fees are high (which they haven’t been in a while), can now do so via the Lightning Network. Raised awareness and tooling is a great way to start the week.
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