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Sui Price Prediction: Analysts Predicts A New Rival Token, GLTM Will Deliver 70x Better Gains

The cryptocurrency industry sees an addition to its ever-growing market every day. We see several projects crawling to the stage, promising many advantages which make investors always want to test new waters.

 Today, we will discuss one such project that will likely rival Sui (SUI), as experts have forecasted even greater gains for investors; Golteum (GLTM).


What Should We Expect From Sui In 2023?

Sui, a layer-1 blockchain used for high-speed transactions, has recently experienced a downturn in its price. In the last 7 days, Sui has declined by 38%. This is not looking good for a digital currency that only just had its all-time high in May 2023. Comparatively, in 2 months, it has dropped by 70%. However, all hope is not lost for Sui (SUI) in 2023. For Sui to be bullish, buyers will have to push prices higher.

Golteum: A Game Changer

With the buzz surrounding Golteum presale, crypto enthusiasts and investors are looking to acquire GLTM tokens. The word in the (crypto) space is that Golteum is a game changer. This could be a result of its mission to revolutionize the precious metals market. Golteum is integrating contemporary models and tools to transform the way gold and other metals are traded.

The platform allows investors to trade and manage cryptos, metals, and NFTs in a single reliable ecosystem without any interference.  Golteum in its goal to provide a safe and secure ecosystem has joined forces with Fireblocks. This collaboration will solve issues relating to hacking and the unauthorized mining of tokens.

In the same manner, as transparency is a key factor, its team members have been doxxed for KYC and awarded the silver badge by Certik. Smart contracts were also assessed and audited for their automation. Furthermore, Golteum is powered by its native GLTM token. The token acts as a drive, allowing holders to benefit from Golteum’s offers and access the network as a whole.

Sui (SUI) Price Prediction: Analysts Predicts A New Rival Token, GLTM Will Deliver 70x Better Gains

Buy GLTM Today To Gain Up to 700%

Who wouldn’t be excited to join a project that has the prospect of amounting to a 700% gain for early adopters? Now, you shouldn’t be too surprised that this presale is making waves in the crypto market.

Currently, in the Round 2 presale phase, GLTM is selling for $0.012 per token, with a 15% bonus for all participants of this round. Now is the right time to get in on this sustainable investment that experts are predicting to sell as high as $5.00 once listed on major exchange platforms.

Boston Consulting Group, too, has forecasted that the tokenization of global illiquid assets could end up being a 16 trillion-dollar market. What are you waiting for? With a static presale supply of 19% of 1 billion tokens, there’s no better time to acquire the GLTM tokens than now before prices go high!

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