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Stattrak launches Bitcoin rewards for fantasy esports with ZEBEDEE partnership

Stattrak partnered with ZEBEDEE to integrate the Lightning network to achieve cheap and efficient bitcoin payments. Stattrak is a free-to-play, play-to-earn fantasy esports mobile platform that pays in bitcoin.ZEBEDEE is a fintech services company focused on providing Bitcoin services for the gaming industry. Strattrak, a mobile fantasy esports platform, has launched bitcoin rewards with ZEBEDEE, a fintech developer focused on integrating Bitcoin economies into virtual worlds, according to a press release sent to Bitcoin magazine. “Stattrak’s mission is to provide passionate esports fans with a great experience with exciting new ways to participate through fantasy competitions,” said Rafael Augusto, Founder and CEO of Stattrak, according to the release. Free to Play Stattrak allows anyone to participate for free. fees, and the opportunity to earn bitcoin by following the most famous players in the world’s biggest esports games such as League of Legends and CS:GO. “With our new ZEBEDEE integration and play-to-earn capabilities, fans can now be rewarded for their love of watching the world’s best League of Legends and CS:GO competitions,” continued Augusto. Through the Lightning network, a second-tier scaling solution used for bitcoin micropayment transactions, ZEBEDEE integrates bitcoin payments efficiently and at a low cost. This allows the users to receive real-time bitcoin rewards during each round without a paywall, rather than having to wait for the entire game to finish. “We are excited to see how quickly Stattrak was able to launch Bitcoin gaming capabilities to its players, while the actual implementation took just a few days,” said Simon Cowell, CEO of ZEBEDEE. Play-to-earn games are on the rise and Bitcoin is well positioned to fuel the rise of digital economies. Cowell had this to say about the rising Bitcoin-backed virtual economies in the fantasy league space. “It is exciting to see Bitcoin gaming take off globally and enter a whole new space with fantasy esports. Fantasy competitions are already a lot of fun, but adding the element of real Bitcoin rewards for users makes it even more exciting and more engaging for the growing Stattrak community.” Strattrak’s mobile app is available through iOS or the Google Play Store.
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