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Ravendex announces its Staking Platform and a trading competition


Ravendex has announced an exciting trading competition as a mark of celebration of its BitMart listing that took place on January 10, 2022. The Ravendex project is the first DEX (decentralized exchange) on a Cardano blockchain ecosystem. It is all set to release an unauthorized crypto betting platform, the first DeFi product, which will allow holders of $RAVE tokens to wager the coins in the most reliable way. With this launch, Ravendex will change the status quo in the Staking of Cardano Native utility coins and offer users the chance to wager $RAVE coins while earning additional rewards in the same tokens. This will put the Cardano blockchain network on the road to better embedding dApps. Ravendex Overview Ravendex is a startup project on a Cardano network started last year to develop a scalable, secure and robust decentralized crypto exchange on the Cardano Blockchain. The users can buy, sell and trade Cardano Native Tokens independently, without any third party. Rave Token $RAVE is a single native utility token that enables the Ravendex blockchain protocol and has several use cases like – $RAVE strike with amazing 15 percent APR governance as $RAVE token holders can vote on specific proposals that could affect the Cardano Ravendex blockchain system. RAVE is listed on 2 leading cryptocurrency analysis websites – CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko – and is available for crypto trading on the popular BitMart exchange. Like other digital coins in the crypto space, $RAVE was developed to allow all token holders to earn huge rewards. Users also get the chance to drive the project by playing the role of key decision makers. Following the long-term plan of the Ravendex team to bring real monetary value to its users around the world, it has decided to partner with WMT (World Mobile Token) to preserve the Earth Node and provide Internet connectivity to thousands of Africans, especially to those who live in rural areas where a stable connection is lacking. This is the main reason behind their partnership, and the team has revealed that maintaining $RAVE requires strategic partnerships that will help them achieve its goals. The team is hopeful that this partnership will help Cardano grow as an enhanced blockchain network. The Ravendex Staking protocol will be distinctive in its form when released and will allow users to create their vault, confirm their addresses, choose their pool and wager $Rave coins without transferring them to crypto. wallet. The Ravendex development team also plans to provide liquidity to the Sundaeswap which will increase the liquidity volume before moving to Ravendex DEX. Rave Trading Competition on Bitmart Ravendex has announced an exciting trading competition to celebrate its BitMart listing. Ravendex ($RAVE) was listed on the BitMart Exchange on January 10, 2022 at 6:00 AM. To celebrate and kick off this newfound success, the platform is holding a giveaway worth $9,090,900 $RAVE Coins in the $RAVE Net Buying Competition. The trading competition will start on February 8 and will last until February 23 on the BitMart platform. More information is available on BitMart The Future of Ravendex? Ravendex, with its experienced team of developers, plans to custom develop its own DeFi products to accelerate the Cardano ecosystem and add value to the products with the pioneering innovative apps on the Cardano ecosystem. Ravendex foresees huge changes in innovation and development. The Staking feature is the first product that will make Ravendex one of the leading Decentralized Exchange (DEX) platforms on Cardano. Ravendex users can buy $RAVE on the BitMart exchange – Get regular updates on various events on the Ravendex platform by following various social media channels Twitter: Github: Telegram: Media Contact Company: Ravendex Labs Email: [email protected] Contact Name: Raven Website:
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