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Lebron James Launches Bitcoin and Crypto Education Program

NBA star Lebron James and his Lebron James Family Foundation (LJFF) have partnered with cryptocurrency platform to launch a series of educational and job training initiatives on Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and related technologies. “Through this partnership, I promise students and families will gain a strong foundation in Web3 and the innovations behind blockchain-based decentralized applications that enable the future of many sectors from finance to media to the arts,” said’s Friday statement. LJFF’s “I PROMISE” program serves more than 1,600 students and their entire families with family programming and foundational resources to help them succeed in school and beyond. Program initiatives include the I PROMISE School, which has created a new model of public education; I PROMISE Institute, which provides resources for higher education and family support; I PROMISE Village serving temporary housing; I PROMISE Housing, providing affordable long-term housing; and House Three Thirty, where job training and financial health programming are explored. “Blockchain technology is revolutionizing our economy, sports and entertainment, the art world and how we interact with each other. I want to make sure that communities like the one I come from are not left behind,” James said, according to the statement. This is’s latest push to make its brand mainstream. In November, paid more than $700 million to replace Staples as title sponsor of the downtown Los Angeles arena, where James and the Los Angeles Laker play their home games. The company also signed a deal with Matt Damon to be the face of the brand in its latest advertising efforts. However,’s efforts and billionaires’ investments appear to have been misallocated. Earlier this month, the exchange suffered a hack that resulted in 400 customer accounts being compromised and millions of dollars lost. Until the acknowledgment of the security breach,’s communication was criticized for being vague and unclear. The Verge reported that official company posts at the time referred to a “security incident”, and an early Twitter post only stated that a small number of users “reported suspicious activity on their accounts”.
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