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La Haus sells first house in Colombia for Bitcoin

Latin American real estate market leader La Haus has closed another home sale for bitcoin, the first in Colombia after recently selling a property in Mexico, Valora Analitik first reported. La Haus’ VP of Innovation and Future, Jehudi Castro, told Bitcoin Magazine that the transaction represented a down payment for an apartment in Natura City, an exclusive apartment complex owned by Titles and Real Estate Developments, which is being built in the Bellavista sector. Santa Marta, in northern Colombia. Castro added that the apartment cost about $98,000 in total, which translates to about 2.45 BTC at the time of writing. The buyer paid 0.03 bitcoin in the deposit and will make incremental payments in bitcoin until construction of the apartment is completed, which is expected to happen in 2025. “We are working to bring this type of alternative to the rest of the country so that payment methods and form of investment do not hinder access to residential property,” Castro said, according to the report. The power of Bitcoin shone in completing the transaction across the border without any problems as the buyer was traveling internationally at the time of purchase. Payment processing company OpenNode ensured that the transaction could be executed immediately via the Lightning Network. November after starting a partnership with OpenNode. Thanks to the payment processor, La Haus can easily receive bitcoin payments both on-chain and on the Lightning Network, Bitcoin’s layer-2 scaling solution. The company sold its first home for bitcoin last month when a Peruvian woman traded 5.78 BTC for an exclusive apartment located in one of the most prized areas of the city of Tulum, Mexico’s Riviera Maya.
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