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How To Use Nft As Profile Picture Instagram


How To Use Nft As Profile Picture Instagram

How do I use an NFT as my profile picture?

As long as you’re using one of those wallets and you have the wallet downloaded on your phone, connecting the wallets and using an NFT as your profile picture is pretty straightforward. Here’s how you do it: Once your wallet is connected, choose the NFT you want to display as your profile picture

Should you use illustrated avatars as your NFT profile picture?

If you already follow some people who are into NFTs on Twitter, you’ve undoubtedly seen more than a few using illustrated avatars as their profile pictures. It started with CryptoPunks and spread into other NFT avatar projects.

Should you post pictures of your NFTS on social media?

“With a lot of people it’s OK to post a picture of an NFT,” said a collector known as Midwit Milhouse, who is known for helping to popularize “ right-clicker mentality ” as a crypto term. “Some people will be like, ‘I’m just sharing pictures of some NFTs that I like.

How can I see more information about someone's NFT?

If you see someone else with an NFT as their profile picture in the hexagonal shape, you can tap on their profile picture and then on View NFT details to check out more information about their NFT. You'll be able to see the following:

How To Use Nft As Profile Picture Instagram

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