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How To Sell Nft On Binance

How To Sell Nft On Binance

How much does Binance charge to sell NFTS?

It’s worth noting that Binance charges an extra 1% of the sale price as royalty fees to be sent to the original creator of the NFT, which brings the total deductions to 2% (1% platform fees + 1% royalty fees.)

How do I Sell my NFT?

If you prefer to sell the NFT directly and avoid the auction hustle, you can instead provide a selling price, listing date and time, and duration of the listing.

How do I access an NFT Marketplace on Binance smart chain?

To access an NFT marketplace on Binance Smart Chain, you can use the in-app DApp browser to seamlessly connect your wallet to the marketplace. This is Pawn Mate, an artwork we just minted on Bakeryswap.

How To Sell Nft On Binance

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