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How To Make Ape Nft


How To Make Ape Nft

How to create your own NFT in 5 steps?

We can accomplish this by following these five steps:Initialize Moralis and find a smart contract.Create an HTML index file.Make a simple login function.Create an upload function.Build a mint function.

Why celebrities are buying bored ape NFTS?

Celebrity Bored Ape OwnersJustin Bieber. Justin Bieber purchased his first ape on January 29th, 2022 kicking off a new wave of volume in the market.Jimmy Fallon. The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon recently joined the Bored Ape Yacht Club. ...Post Malone. ...Neymar Jr. ...Kevin Hart. ...Paris Hilton. ...Snoop Dogg. ...Von Miller. ...Lil Baby. ...The Chainsmokers. ... More items...

How to create and mint your own NFT?

Once you are done, you can click the edit button to configure the commission you will get on sales, add social media links, and choose which tokens you will accept ...Next, click “Add New Item.” The platform will open your MetaMask wallet, asking you to sign in. Click “Sign.”Enter the details needed to mint your NFT. ...

How to make bored ape?

When you are bidding on an NFT at an auction house, it will work a bit differently:Choose an NFT that you wish to bid onOnce you are sure you can bid on the NFT, you will need to place an offer that is 5% higher than the previous person bidHit Make OfferReview the details to ensure it is a legitimate NFTChoose the currency you are going to make the bid in More items...

How To Make Ape Nft

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