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How to get free bitcoins in 2022?


Earning cryptocurrency is great decision for an economically literate person, this is a type of asset that will not lose its relevance. According to experts, after the “crypto winter”, sharp jumps in the exchange rate are coming and everyone who has acquired electronic assets will be able to increase savings. You can get bitcoins by playing games. Most of them are foreign, you can search for them on request free btc mining. There are other methods of obtaining cryptocurrency.

Completing simple tasks

If you use the Google search query free btc mining, you will find that there are a huge number of sites where you can receive rewards in cryptocurrency for simple tasks. The only thing to consider is that everything needs to be learned. To receive bitcoins, you need to complete the tasks set by the sponsors, the online platform only acts as an intermediary.

Tasks to be performed:

  • surfing sites – open a link, a timer will be built into the page, after the countdown is completed, a reward will be credited to the internal account;
  • watching videos with advertising;
  • registering a phrase in a search engine and finding a specific site;
  • writing reviews and comments;
  • passing various surveys, filling out questionnaires as part of marketing research;
  • downloading applications, completing tasks in bitcoin mining games;
  • register at the game (a lot of games have referral programs), create a referral link, share with friends and earn comission;
  • testing sites, services, finding errors.

Rewards for each task can be received in the internal currency, bitcoins, other types of cryptocurrencies. After the minimum amount has been set, local currency can be withdrawn to BTC wallet. Earnings on such tasks are not large, but stable, since tasks from advertisers and sponsors are received regularly. You can consider this type of activity as a source of additional income in bitcoins.

Cryptocurrency reward games

Upon request btc mining free in search engines, you can find games where you earn bitcoins. There you can complete simple tasks, receive game currency to your internal account and transfer it to bitcoins to your wallet in the blockchain system. What activities are funded for?

  • passing levels of varying difficulty;
  • collecting items and collections;
  • invitation of new users.

For achievements, players receive different amounts of rewards, but in order to reach a stable level of earnings, you need to devote a lot of time to the gameplay.

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RollerCoin is a famous game. Its concept is really aimed at getting dogecoin for free. To really be sure that everything will work out for you, you need to register, then start competing with your friends, which means passing levels, completing specific missions and some tasks. Over time, you will be able to build your own full-fledged mining empire. This is what will give a start to receiving degecoins, which later can be actually withdrawn to your own crypto wallet. Among the main advantages of RollerCoin are the following:

  • Mining takes place exclusively online, it is convenient;
  • it is possible to constantly make updates;
  • no complicated settings or other problems for users;
  • customizing your own character takes just a few clicks;
  • possibility to increase mining power and compete with friends;
  • path time in the world of online games and earn real money in the form of cryptocurrency.


For experts in any field or for people who know how to write competently and interestingly, there is an opportunity to earn cryptocurrency. You just need to keep text blogs on special blockchain platforms with reward system. The owners of such platforms provide a ready-made service for publishing texts, and receive orders from advertisers.

Earnings are calculated in proportion to the number of reads. The more interesting the text and the more views, the higher the income of the author. Blog authors receive part of the remuneration from advertisers, this is the percentage allocated by the platform owner and it may differ on each site. Funds are credited to an internal account, then they can be withdrawn to wallets in the blockchain system.

Purchases with cashback in BTC

There are cashback services that have already enabled the possibility of receiving a refund in cryptocurrency. Moreover, purchases can be made with any other payment method. How it works:

  • person registers on the appropriate site;
  • further makes purchases in partner online stores;
  • internal currency is credited to the internal account in the personal account;
  • when the minimum amount is reached, the funds are withdrawn in bitcoins to a cryptocurrency wallet;
  • they can be exchanged for any type of currency or saved.

You can also try mining if you have the appropriate knowledge. For those who have never encountered, there is a lot of information on the topic of mine btc, you can find capacious English-language instructions for beginners. Using all of the above methods, you can accumulate a decent amount on your cryptocurrency wallet and invest in other projects.

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