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How To Create Nft Binance

How To Create Nft Binance

Should you sell your NFTS on Binance smart chain?

Thanks to increasing liquidity on Binance Smart Chain, you can list your asset on the marketplace and potentially sell it to a willing buyer in no time. Note that there is a meager 2.5% service fee that is charged only after you sell your NFTs.

How much does it cost to mint an NFT on Binance?

Each NFT will have a minting fee of 0.005 BNB for creations on the Binance Smart Chain. 4. Which file formats do you accept, and what’s the maximum upload size? Image: JPEG, PNG, and GIF Video: MP4, MPEG, and AVI Audio: WAV and MP3 All files should be less than 50MB.

How long does it take for my NFT to be listed?

This process usually takes 4-8 hours. You can also customize your NFT's listing time, starting a minimum of 12 hours from the time you submit your listing request. If, however, the review is still not complete by your desired listing time, we will list your NFT immediately after our approval.

How to add Binance NFT’s metadata to metamask?

Store Your Binance NFT’s Metadata – We will use the Moralis dashboard and Moralis’ cloud function option for storing metadata and obtaining the example NFT’s URI. Insert URI and Add BNB Chain’s Testnet to MetaMask – Moralis Speedy Nodes and MetaMask make this step incredibly easy.

How To Create Nft Binance

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