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How To Buy Nft On Wazirx

How To Buy Nft On Wazirx

How to buy wazirx NFT art?

The first step is to go to the official web page of WazirX NFT. As you land on the web page, you will see numerous pieces of art displayed for you to choose from. Before we go on to the next steps lets, get a brief of what does the header of the webpage has, it has options like:

How to connect wazirx NFT to metamask?

Now once, you click on the Connect wallet and unlock it, you’ll have to sign the transaction with your metamask account. After that, create an account on the WazirX NFT platform which would be directly linked to your metamask address.

How to buy wazirx?

To buy WRX, you should first sign up for an account, go through a quick KYC system and make a bank deposit. The following that’s how it performs: Step 1: Sign up for a WazirX profile. Step 2: Your account is created following KYC validation.

What are NFTs and how much are they worth?

In an NFT-based transaction, not just artworks and creations, even tweets have been sold as assets. Recently, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey sold his first tweet for $2.9 million in an NFT-based transaction. NFTs are not interchangeable as they are unique.

How To Buy Nft On Wazirx

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