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Golteum and Aave: Two Crypto Projects With High Yield Potential in 2023

The crypto market has seen a massive drop in its total market cap since the start of this year. This reality has prompted investors to consider the best projects for their needs carefully. 

Generally, the more stable a crypto project is, the less unpredictable investment options it delivers. Given this factor, our guide will reveal two crypto projects with high potential in 2023.

Aave (AAVE) has existed for some time, offering stability and good utilities. On the other hand, Golteum (GLTM) is entirely new on the scenes. Yet it offers unique services that differ from what is obtainable in the markets. 

Aave: Transparent DeFi Lending Protocol 

As a DeFi lending protocol, Aave (AAVE) provides borrowers access to crypto loans without central intermediaries. The platform accomplishes this by making use of smart contracts. This lending protocol continues to hold its own and deliver its core utilities despite the downturn in the crypto industry.

As a way to enhance transparency, the AAVE DAO community members have made a collective decision to integrate Chainlink Proof of Reserve. 

By implementing Chainlink Proof of Reserve, AAVE DAO takes a significant step towards fostering trust and ensuring greater transparency. Its longevity and current status make the Aave project an attractive investment option.

Golteum: Offering Value Through Crypto and Precious Metal Trading

Through its Web3 trading platform, Golteum (GLTM) allows investors and traders to trade digital assets and precious metals. 

The GLTM digital asset stands as the utility token for the Golteum ecosystem. Apart from serving as an option for trading, this digital asset can be staked to generate more GLTM tokens.


Golteum has strategically collaborated with renowned brands in the precious metal industry to facilitate its trading operations. 

With a focus on premium precious metal trades, Golteum and its allied companies employ a meticulous procedure that securely stores physical assets such as Gold, Platinum, and Silver in highly protected vaults. 

These vaults undergo rigorous verification by external entities before being seamlessly integrated into Golteum’s marketplace.

Considering the inherent challenge of physically transferring these valuable assets upon purchase, the project’s developers have devised a unique solution: tokenized metal NFTs. These NFTs are irrefutable evidence of ownership, ensuring investors a seamless and transparent transaction experience.

Golteum’s distinctive offerings position it for substantial growth once the project is officially launched. Notably, the Boston Consulting Group has projected that tokenized assets will flourish and thrive. 

In its forecast, the group expects this market to become a $16 trillion industry by 2030. This forecast further reiterates the long-term viability of Golteum (GLTM) and its precious metal marketplace.

What Makes Golteum Stand Out?

Golteum (GLTM) is a unique project for so many reasons. One factor that helps this project stand out is its scalability. The project was built to offer scalable services to its users. As a result, this Ethereum-based platform delivers an optimized user experience.

Like Aave (AAVE), Golteum also employs Chainlink Proof of Reserve to ensure the security of its users. By incorporating the proof of reserves feature, investors can independently verify the actual condition of Golteum’s treasury in real-time.

Another feature that makes the platform stand out is its smart contract. Certik has audited Golteum’s smart contract and found it safe and secure. Additionally, this external auditor has verified the authenticity of six of Golteum’s core developers.

Become a part of the Golteum Community.

You can join the Golteum community by purchasing GLTM tokens today. The token presale is currently in its second stage. Investors can buy the GLTM cryptocurrency at an attractive $0.012 per token.

During this stage, 55 million GLTM tokens will be sold. Golteum will offer a 15% bonus on all purchases made during this stage to show their appreciation for investors. 

Concerning the future performance of the GLTM token, experts in the space expect the token to hit $5 soon. Such a rapid rise will reward early adopters with over 40000% increase in value. Join the Golteum community to take advantage of this offer.

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