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Get paid in Bitcoin with NYDIG’s Bitcoin savings plan

Leading US companies can now offer their employees the option of getting paid in bitcoin by signing up for NYDIG’s newly launched product, Bitcoin Savings Plan. The offer is an employee benefits program that allows the employee to choose what percentage of their salary they want to receive in bitcoin each month, at no additional cost. NYDIG said in a statement Tuesday that the Bitcoin savings plan is aimed at businesses that want to differentiate themselves by offering their employees the option to get paid in Bitcoin, a need the institutional bitcoin service provider discovered in a recent study, as 36 % of respondents under 30 said they would be interested in allocating a portion of their wages to bitcoin. “We know how difficult it is for companies to attract top talent,” said Patrick Sells, CIO of NYDIG, in a statement. “An NYDIG Bitcoin savings plan is an easy-to-apply benefit that can help employers stand out from the pack while providing their employees with a critical tool to protect their financial future.” Former NFL superstar Drew Brees is one of the first employers to adopt the new product. NYDIG said the now-retired athlete who has the second most NFL career touchdown passes is not only offering the opportunity to the employees of his companies, but will also opt for a Bitcoin savings plan himself to get a portion of his compensation. to be converted into bitcoin. Other companies Brees is involved with will also take the plunge, including Everbowl and StretchZone. “The more I immersed myself in the understanding of money, long-term value and the history of finance, the importance of bitcoin became clear.” Brees said in a statement. “In its 13-year history, Bitcoin has been an inclusive vehicle for wealth creation, and a Bitcoin savings plan is one of the easiest ways to start saving.” NYDIG said other companies launching a Bitcoin savings plan include a leading provider of digital banking solutions Q2, financial services firms MVB Bank and Vantage Bank, and sustainable bitcoin miner Iris Energy. NYDIG itself will also provide the benefit to all of its employees. Paycheck conversions to bitcoin held by employees as part of a Bitcoin savings plan will be stored in NYDIG’s custodial system. Such an arrangement would allow workers to gain exposure to the bitcoin price but not be inserted into the Bitcoin ecosystem as they are unable to achieve financial sovereignty. However, NYDIG told Bitcoin Magazine that the ability for employees to withdraw their bitcoin-custodial wallets is “on the roadmap”.
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