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Fiat Fundraising Fiasco Leads to Bitcoin Donation for Freedom Truckers

It’s been nearly two weeks since the first trucks arrived in Canada’s capital Ottawa, marking the start of what has become a global celebration, freedom demonstration, nonviolent resistance or ‘national uprising’, depending on your point of view. The city of Ottawa has declared a state of emergency, is bringing police officers from other cities to help, and arresting anyone helping a truck driver. Police started confiscating fuel last night. “Police made a tactical mistake tonight by confiscating fuel. That fuel is insignificant and will not affect our ability to hold trucks in place,” tweeted at the ground protest organizer and Bitcoin activist, Nobody Caribou. “They woke up a beast by showing their corruption on a global stage. Much love to all who kept calm.” Obviously, local and federal politicians are hoping the trucks will leave soon, but in an interview with Canadian Bitcoin podcaster John Vallis, Nobody Caribou said the protests aren’t even nearly over. On site, Nobody Caribou has a team of organizers who work with him to gather information and communicate with truck drivers who plan to stay as long as it takes to make the changes they want: No COVID-19 mandates No lockdowns Enforcement of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms Last Sunday, truck convoy organizers said they are here to stay and have raised more than $4 million on the fundraising site GiveSendGo — which they signed up after GoFundMe announced their announcement at the time. that they had received “$300,000 in bitcoin donations”. choice of the truck drivers before switching to the fundraising platform GiveSendGo because, after raising nearly 10 million in donations, GoFundMe has frozen the truck driver’s account at the request of the mayor of Ottawa. Noted philosopher and scholar Jordan Peterson tweeted his support for the truck drivers, commenting on the GoFundMe reversal, declaring, “The theft of GoFundMe donations to the truck drivers was the worst act of political corruption I have ever seen in Canada.” The sense of outrage at the unfairness of this has only helped bitcoin organizer Nobody Caribou and his committee who have so far received 12.4 BTC from more than 4,300 donors. A committee of five bitcoin advocates — Bitcoiner Greg Foss, YouTuber BTC Sessions, Nobody Caribou, author Jeff Booth, and Bull Bitcoin CEO Francis Pouliot — have organized bitcoin fundraisers using Twitter and the fundraising site Tallycoin. Committee member Foss told Bitcoin Magazine that donations to the official bitcoin wallet will be anonymous and secure. The donations are stored in a multisig wallet, so to access the donated funds, the wallet needs three of the five key signatures to release funds. One of the committee members is in contact with on-site truck driver organizers in Ottawa and will be the liaison for distributing funds. On a podcast last night, BTC Sessions and Nobody Caribou said they are considering the best way to distribute funds. The truck drivers are well organized and receive donations, so some kind of truck driver endowment fund to fund lawyers may be the way to go. The committee hopes to make a short tutorial video to show the process of sending bitcoin donations. Meanwhile, the city of Ottawa has been unable to find companies willing to tow trucks, the CBC said: that the companies that were passing through the city of Ottawa contracted, refused to tow trucks involved in the demonstration. The city won’t confirm or deny this, but only says its bylaws department “uses several contracted services to assist with towing vehicles throughout the city.” enough for officials to force and end this deadlock. How far Bitcoin can take the cause remains to be seen.
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