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DeHorizon and Metagaming Guild Offer Metaverse Dwellers Unique Experiences


DeHorizon recently partnered with several top crypto gaming guilds to increase the scale and diversification of the community in preparation for DeVerse’s in-house exam on Feb. 22. They announced a joint venture with MetaGaming Guild (MGG), aiming to bring more diverse experiences to metaverse residents. Given MGG’s expertise in NFT gaming and its rapidly growing scope, they believe the partnership will help bring DeHorizon multiverse game ecosystems to video game players around the world and bring more diverse types of metaverse experiences. co-create users. MGG is a group-run organization dedicated to making gaming funds more equitable to the general public. It focuses on buying NFTs for price growth or renting assets owned by MGG to global players around the world. MGG leverages the use of these NFTs to maximize value for its community members. Mainly based on DAO, MGG uses blockchains and cryptocurrency allowing the players to fully own their virtual assets and trade them securely whenever and however they want. MGG is much more than a game; it is a group of tactical gamers and it is an ecosystem of changemakers whose mission is to revolutionize the digital economy through advanced blockchains. DeVerse’s internal testing begins Feb. 22. Each of their Discord friends is trying to look forward to that big day! To some extent, this is one of the first portals that will allow players a first look at our metaverse, where they can take on a second life. MGG mainly focuses on live exchange programs in which gamers or members can access games at no upfront cost, access early stage game tokens and deploy their NFTs for automated revenue. Their metaverse ecosystems serve as the foundation for their biz, and they will benefit greatly from their strong and ongoing community expansion. MGG started its business in the Philippines, the main gaming market to earn, and now has over $150,000 in monthly income from over 1000 active scientists. The partnership will increase DeHorizon’s profile and fame in the Philippines, allowing more video game players to embark on an exciting journey where they can participate for fun and earn money. The MetaGaming Guild team is overjoyed that DeHorizon is a strong partner and has adopted their futuristic vision of GameFi and NFT gaming a little early. They offer advanced interoperability alternatives, an exciting feature that is guaranteed to help bridge the gaps and increase greater opportunities in the game world. Overall, DeHorizon appears to be an open metaverse space that the MetaGaming Guild community would love to participate in. They are an incredible addition to MGG’s ever-growing collection of diversified NFT games in the GameFi Vault!
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