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ConsenSys acquires MyCrypto to partner with MetaMask . to reinforce


ConsenSys announced on Feb. 1 the addition of MyCrypto, a deep-rooted Eth interface, to partner with leading Web3 wallet, MetaMask. MyCrypto and MetaMask will work together under a single banner to increase the security of all products and provide users with a consistent experience across computer, phone, extension and browsing wallets. Since its inception in 2015, MyCrypto has been one of the most stable and consistent Ethereum wallets, providing secure and readily available alternatives to Internet browsers and desktop computers. MetaMask had also become the country’s top non-custodial crypto wallet for smartphone and search engine extensions, including over 21 million active monthly users, by focusing on common dapp interactions. Indeed, MetaMask, as well as MyCrypto, will be able to provide customers with a much more comprehensive and secure experience by incorporating their shared values, skills and goals. Since 2016, the MetaMask and MyCrypto team members have been partners and Eth colleagues, regularly educating the Ethereum community about security practices. They have integrated and maintained services such as MetaMask’s phishing detection service, which uses MyCrypto’s CryptoScamDB. User safety and education remain top priorities. MyCrypto has always been one of the most reliable and interoperable Ethereum wallets, often delivering advanced Ethereum features. MetaMask, on the other hand, has the most important basic dapp interactions. They will be able to create a wallet experience that can much better support the users in making the right decisions in this rapidly evolving Web3 wallet landscape with their combined skills, as well as a compelling sense of shared ethics and goals for this . ecosystem. As the ecosystem continues to evolve and businesses race to provide streamlined functionality, the top wallet must continue to develop simple and secure self-management solutions that empower consumers. Years of practice and common values ‚Äč‚Äčenable the companies to accelerate their goal of fully realizing their self-sovereignty. The MyCrypto group’s experience developing smart contract integrations will enable more powerful plugins in MetaMask. MyCrypto and MetaMask will continue to exist separately, with the ultimate goal of merging functionalities and brand names. The co-founders of MetaMask and the founder of MyCrypto will lead the combined computer, phone, extensions and web offerings within the MetaMask team. ConsenSys will hire 12 MyCrypto employees. MetaMask has always been looking for enthusiastic developers to help develop the decentralized web. About MyCrypto MyCrypto is an open-source interface for managing Ethereum accounts in a secure and accessible environment. Since 2015, they have been developing products for and by the community to put power in the hands of the public. About ConsenSys ConsenSys is the industry leader in Eth software. They enable developers, companies and individuals around the world to create next-generation apps, release modern financial facilities and access the decentralized internet.
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