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Completely Faltoo: Viacom18’s NFT Marketplace | ZebPay

Viacom18 ventured into the frenzy of the NFT market by announcing the launch of its NFT marketplace called Fully Faltoo NFT. This is India’s first venture into the NFT marketplace. The effort was made possible by, a technology provider for NFT marketplaces. NFT marketplaces are everywhere these days. And for good reason, they offer tremendous value to not only the artists, but their owners as well. Worldwide, they spark interest in artists, comedians, actors, business and more. But now it’s India’s turn for an NFT marketplace. With the help of Viacom18, India has also listed its name in countries with their own NFT marketplaces! Fully Faltoo NFT is an NFT marketplace created by Viacom18. This shows India’s interest in NFT art. However, what it really reflects is the adoption of blockchain technology and its offshoots in India. Many people consider India to be the mecca of web 3.0 technology. This prediction has yet to unfold. Let’s start by breaking down what India’s proprietary NFT marketplace is, how it came to be and what to expect in the coming month. What is Full Faltoo NFT? It is an NFT marketplace created by the Youth, Music and English Entertainment (YME) cluster of Viacom18. They have prepared for the burgeoning digital space by announcing the launch of Fully Faltoo NFT. The marketplace will go live on February 14, 2022. Viacom18 is an Indian TV company that is a joint venture between TV18 and ViacomCBS, based in Mumbai. Technical support for the development of the NFT marketplace was provided by, who helped Viacom18 set it up. GuardianLink is a pioneer and innovator of NFT Technologies. The NFT marketplace is completely secure thanks to Anti-RIP NFT technology. The Anti-RIP NFT technology helps users to secure their NFT assets, intercept counterfeits and protect users’ value. Not only that, you can stay completely safe thanks to GuardianLink’s layers of security. The layer ensures the security of minting, transferring and storing NFTs. What does Fully Faltoo NFT offer? The value proposition is clear. As with any other NFT marketplace, users can mint, sell and buy NFTs. The NFT marketplace will bring together brands from the YME portfolio such as MTV, Colors Infinity, Vh1, and Comedy Central. Major Indian artists, brands, celebrities etc. will also join to create and own the NFTs on Fully Faltoo NFT. It also offers a wide variety of digital collectibles offered by big names in India. We also expect to relive the iconic pop culture reference of Roadies and Bakra. Users can collect NFTs using a custodian wallet after registering on the platform. This is going to be the coolest venture in the entire history of the NFT market. If you want to be part of the revolution and lead the way, apply now! Full Faltoo NFT is the best choice for Indian NFTs still due.
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