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Coachella Lifetime Pass, WildEarth’s Wildlife, Worms Locks NFTs After Kickback

The Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival has partnered with FTX US to launch a range of NFT collectibles, including tokenized lifetime access passes to the annual music festivals. Held over two consecutive three-day weekends in California each April, the iconic music festival will be spearheaded by Harry Styles, Billy Eilish and Ye (the artist formerly known as Kanye West) in 2022. The partnership was announced on February 2, and the duo will launch a Solana-based Coachella marketplace and NFTs offering real world and virtual benefits. Coachella FTXOne of a kind NFTs for lifetime passes? Photo book with 20 years of iconic photos? Redeemable experiences available for the first time? That’s just the beginning. To say we are excited about this partnership would be an understatement. Discover:— FTX – Built by traders, for traders (@FTX_Official) February 1, 2022 Coachella’s first batch of NFTs will be auctioned or sold on February 4, and the drop includes 10 unique lifetime access passes (for live and virtual events), 10,000 tokenized photos and 1,000 digital posters that can be exchanged for a physical copy of the “Coachella | The Photographs: 1999-2019 Photobook.” The tokenized access passes, dubbed the “Coachella Keys Collection,” grant holders lifetime access to Coachella’s festival experiences, but each includes various VIP benefits, such as secret parties, backstage access, lodging and good food. They all go up for auction and have no starting price for bids. Coachella has also teased that the partnership with FTX will see the launch of virtual events likely to be in the metaverse. WildEarth supports conservation through NFTsWildEarth, the team behind a live-streamed wildlife-focused TV channel, has launched NFT collections that directly support individual animals and conservation under its global footprint. The first 25 collections went live on WildEarth’s Polygon-based marketplace on January 2nd and are available in various maximum stocks ranging from 150-900. Each NFT showcases a specific animal under the care of the collaborative conservation efforts and costs 120 MATIC ($196) to strike. There are still plenty of tokens available at the time of writing. In an announcement shared with Cointelegraph, WildEarth stated that 40% of the money generated from NFT sales will go to “park and reserves habitat managers to continue conservation efforts.” Once initial sales are completed, WildEarth will collect 10% royalties on all secondary sales and donate 80% of those royalties to the custodian of the wildlife habitat of the specific animal depicted in the NFT. Later this month, the WildEarth TV channel’s search and ID show will also introduce a “watch-to-earn” feature that will allow viewers to create NFTs that relate to specific nocturnal animals currently feeding via a thermal drone. animal register have been added. . Once the coin window is closed, no further NFTs are created in relation to those animals. Was raved about Rick Flair’s NFT’s World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) great Rick Flair will be featured in the Wax-based Blockchain Brawlers NFT game next month. Blockchain Brawlers is an earning game launching in the second quarter that will feature a wrestling battle mode that allows users to earn BRWL tokens and NFTs in their battles with other players. Through the partnership with WAX, Flair’s persona will be tokenized over 100 NFTs in various rarities that can be used in the Blockchain Brawlers games. The announcement said, “Each NFT celebrates Ric Flair’s lavish nature and unique appeal – all are masterfully designed by WAX studios portraying his celebrated flowing locks, diamond-studded robes and off-the-charts enthusiasm.” packs with a Legendary Flair NFT and a Fighting Ring NFT (of varying rarity). Some buyers also have a slim chance of getting hold of ultra-rare equipment NFTs that depict championship belts that can be added to their wrestler NFTs. Team17 gives up NFTs after community pushback Another popular gaming company has reversed its NFT plans after strong community pushback. Team17, the company behind the highly popular Worms video game franchise dating back more than two decades with over 75 million units sold, announced on February 1 that its MetaWorms NFT project has been canned. The game was set to bring the Worms series to blockchain via NFT integrations, but the company noted on its website yesterday that: “We have listened to our Teamsters, development partners and our games communities, and the concerns they have expressed, and have therefore made the decision to step back from NFT space.” NFTs have developed a bad reputation in the gaming world with passionate gamers voicing concerns about the energy-intensive nature of cryptocurrencies along with potential industry-related scams.User Mechmouse’s response to Team17’s announcement was quite typical of the response: Thank you. But every, and I mean ANY, beloved franchise or well-known company that has done this before has been met with the exact same level of dismay and outrage. What on earth convinced you to go down this road?” today announces the termination of the MetaWorms NFT project. We have listened to our Teamsters, development partners and our games’ communities, and the concerns they have expressed, and have therefore made the decision to step back from the NFT space.Team17 (@Team17) Feb 1, 2022 Other Nifty News In a powerfully worded Instagram post posted Monday, slo ot Ye or Kanye West the prospect of hopping on the NFT train, stating, “Don’t ask me to do the fucking NFT.” The post in the photo, shared with his 10.5 million followers, explained that he is focused on “building real products in the real world”. According to Coin Metrics’ “State of the Network” report on Feb. 1, the number of transactions involving smart contracts on Tezos has risen to more than 50,000 per day in the past 12 months, from less than 10,000 per day in January 2021. The company wrote the rapid growth is mainly due to NFTs.
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