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Cashflow portal raises $3.5 million in seed round


Cash Flow Portal, a real estate investment technology startup based in Seattle, WA, today announced it has raised $3.5 million in seed funding. Investors include celebrities from Lyft, Google, and Coinbase. Cash Flow Portal provides real estate deal sponsors with comprehensive tools to streamline equity raising, automate operations, and reach more investors. In addition, it serves as a marketplace connecting passive investors and real estate syndicators. This software stands out from the competition with its superior stability, more intuitive user experience and smooth and fast onboarding process. Cash Flow Portal helps real estate syndicators save more than 100 hours of paperwork each year and reduce their software costs by more than 80%. This portal also solves one of the most pressing challenges for real estate syndicators: finding deal co-sponsors. Cash Flow Portal is the first platform to provide passive real estate investors with an all-in-one solution for evaluating, investing and discovering real estate deals. It is a marketplace that provides investors with access to lucrative real estate deals with an annual return of 10%-15%. With a strong focus on the passive investor experience, Cash Flow Portal will consistently attract new investors, providing reputable deal sponsors with a reliable source for efficient capital raising. Basically, the platform automates all the tedious tasks associated with real estate investing, allowing users to focus on what matters most: finding great deals. Cash Flow Portal was founded in 2020 when Perry Zheng (now CEO) wrote the first line of code after trying multiple tools that fell short of his expectations. Perry was an engineering manager at Lyft for 5.5 years and before that he worked as a software engineer at Twitter and Amazon. He graduated from Duke University in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in economics and computer science. Perry Zheng Perry is also a real estate sponsor, having amassed more than 840 units and passively invested in more than 2,500 doors. He also owns seven single families in Seattle, SF and Texas. “Ultimately, our goal is to build the information superhighway for real estate investment, ranging from tooling for operators to access and transparency for investors. We are very interested in managing the flow of money, so investors treat us like their financial institution. And we will create a large operational team to review the deals so that people can have confidence in the quality of the deals.” says Perry. Image of Cash Flow Portal With this new infusion of capital, the company plans to recruit new employees on the customer service and technical side to continue growing and scale its user base. With the new hires, Cash Flow Portal will be doubly committed to building its real estate investment market and enabling deal sponsors to create LinkedIn-like biographies to eliminate the need for a standalone syndication website. “Early next year, we will also allow passive investors to track their investments across all deals, effectively bringing the ‘real estate investment brokerage’ to life,” says Perry. provide end-to-end white-glove service to its customers. Its goal is to manage the flow of money and become a financial institution for passive investors. Cash Flow Portal will build a large operational team to research real estate deals to achieve this. The company will eventually introduce intelligent contracts for real estate and a credit arm. “Our goal is not to be as good as our competitors two years ago, but to dominate the market,” said Perry at his retirement.
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