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Bithumb to award NFTs to Olympic champions


The Beijing Winter Olympics are underway, with athletes from all over the world taking part in winter sports. Competitive sporting events attract a lot of attention from crypto companies to promote their Cryptocurrency. Partnerships between sports and crypto promotions have always worked in the favor of Cryptocurrency. More recently, the Korean crypto exchange Bithumb announced that it would distribute 10 Team Korea NFTs and 1 Special NFT to platform users for the Beijing 2022 Olympics. Bithumb to Distribute NFTs Experts believe that sports and growth in cryptocurrency adoption are correlated. The higher the Crypto platforms stay active during a sporting event, the better their acceptance grows among the general public. Founded in 2014, Bithumb Korea is the most influential digital currency exchanger in the country, with 8 million registered users, 1 million mobile app users, and a current cumulative transaction volume of more than USD 1 trillion. Check out this Bithumb review to learn more about the exchange. Bithumb has even partnered with 300FIT, a sports content creation platform, for distribution. Whenever an athlete from South Korea wins a medal at the Beijing Winter Olympics, NFTs will be distributed to traders. There is no specific requirement as to which medal the athlete must win. The eligibility criteria for traders to receive an NFT is that they must have transacted at least 1 million Korean Won worth of FIT tokens. The figure equates to nearly $835. Sporting events have always remained central to crypto promotion. Several platforms have seized this opportunity to bring their cryptocurrency to the general public and spread the word about it.
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