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Best websites about Ray Token Ftx

Best websites about Ray Token Ftx

What tokens can be staked on FTX?

There are currently four tokens that can be staked on FTX, namely FTT, SOL, SRM, and RAY. Staking FTT offers users other benefits like fee-free ERC-20 withdrawals, increased SRM airdrops, increased referral rewards, increased maker fee rebates, etc.

What is raydium token (Ray)?

Raydium Token (RAY) is a utility token of the Raydium network, the first decentralized exchange built on the Solana ecosystem. Today, August 20th, VNDC officially added Raydium Token (RAY) on VNDC Wallet.

Can I stake Crypto on the FTX app?

Yes, you can. There is a provision for staking your crypto on the FTX.US app. However, you need to be enabled for trading first, and then you can stake your tokens by following the instructions on the ‘invest’ tab on the app.

How many ray tokens are in circulation?

How many RAY tokens are in circulation? Raydium launched its main net on February 21st, 2021 with 555,000,000 tokens created at genesis. 34% of all tokens will be released as liquidity mining incentives over a 3-year period. 30% of tokens are earmarked for partnerships and the expansion of the Raydium ecosystem.

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