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Best websites about Ftx Token Airdrop

Best websites about Ftx Token Airdrop

How to get free SRM tokens on FTX?

Create an account at FTX exchange and hold a minimum of 500 FTT tokens to be eligible to receive free SRM tokens. All eligible users will receive 3 SRM for every 500 FTT held per week.

How many SRM Airdrops will I receive for my FTT?

Users will receive 3 locked (1-7 year) SRM airdropped for every 500 FTT unlocked held each week, with no upper limit. Snapshots of FTT holdings will be taken randomly, and airdrops will be distributed to eligible users wallets every Tuesday after the FTT buy and burn.

How can I increase my SRM airdrop?

*All FTX airdrop programs are in the discretion of FTX and may be modified from time to time. FTX may adopt rules and requirements for any of its airdrop programs. Increase your SRM airdrop by staking FTT! You can stake FTT to increase your airdropped SRM by up to 14%.

Is there an exchange for FTT?

In April 2018, CoinShares and FTX launched an exchange-traded product (ETP) for FTT with about $40 million in seed capital. In June 2021, FTX renamed Miami’s American Airlines Arena to the FTX Arena after buying the naming rights for $135 million.

Ftx Token Airdrop
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