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Best websites about Ftx Leveraged Token

Best websites about Ftx Leveraged Token

What are some examples of leveraged tokens on FTX?

For example, take ETHBULL, a 3x long ETH token. For every 1% ETH goes up in a day, ETHBULL goes up 3%; for every 1% ETH goes down, ETHBULL goes down 3%. There are currently four leveraged tokens for every future on FTX: BULL (+3x), BEAR (-3x), HEDGE (-1x), and HALF.

How to leverage cryptocurrency on FTX?

Open an account on FTX then make your way to the Leveraged Tokens list. The pairs are listed by their ticker symbols, with the token name in the next column. For example, the ticker symbol BULL/USD refers to a 3x Long Bitcoin Token. 3x is the leverage, Long is the direction of your trade, and Bitcoin is the asset to which you’re exposed.

How do I trade on FTX?

You can trade the leveraged tokens on FTX spot markets. Go to the token page and click on 'trade' for the token you want. You can also go to your wallet and click 'CONVERT'. There is no fee on this, but the price will depend on market conditions.

What is FTX token (FTT)?

These tokens are ERC20 -compatible and can be listed on any spot exchange. FTX currently offers XRP, BNB, TRX, BTC, ETH, EOS, USDT and LEO leveraged tokens. A year after its founding, FTX Exchange introduced the exchange token called FTX Token or FTT. The FTT coin is an ERC-20 standard token that is actively used by ecosystem participants.

Ftx Leveraged Token
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