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Best websites about Atlas Token Ftx

Best websites about Atlas Token Ftx

How much will be allocated to the Atlas and polis tokens?

An amount of ATLAS and POLIS tokens equal to $1 million will be allocated through the FTX initial exchange offering. An additional $500,000 of ATLAS and POLIS tokens will be available for sale through the initial decentralized exchange (DEX) offerings on Raydium and Apollo-X.

What is star atlas (Atlas) token?

The in-game token allows gamers to change sources on the Star Atlas metaverse. In it, customers use two tokens, Star Atlas (ATLAS) and Star Atlas DAO (POLIS). The anticipated circulating provide at launch is 2,160,000,000 ATLAS and 21,600,000 POLIS.

What is star atlas Ido and IEO price?

To guarantee a good and clear token sale, Star Atlas is introducing an IEO on FTX and an IDO on Apollo-X and Raydium platforms. According to the mission info, 2% of the full provide of every token might be accessible on the three platforms. The IDO price is $ 0.00138 for Star Atlas (ATLAS) and $ 0.138 for Star Atlas DAO (POLIS).

Where can I buy star atlas stock?

If you would like to know where to buy Star Atlas at the current rate, the top cryptocurrency exchanges for trading in Star Atlas stock are currently BingX, MEXC, CoinW, FTX, and CoinTiger. You can find others listed on our crypto exchanges page.

Atlas Token Ftx
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