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Best science fiction movies of 2021


you can’t talk About science fiction cinema in 2021 without beginning and ending Dune (HBO Max). Good, Dune. Directed by Denis Villeneuve, there are many great things: sprawling, Shakespearean, very sandy. Worms are wonderful. Oscar Isaac is completely naked, then completely dead. Timothée Chalamet, like Paul Atreides, falls in love with a girl, performed by Zendaya, who appears on screen for seven minutes. (Total runtime: 2 hours 35 minutes) They hardly speak; Most of their adventures take place in visions and hazy dreams – the safest social distances. The lame Seven Minutes in Heaven game ever.

Not that most teens in the real world will play Seven Minutes in Heaven these days. If they don’t really prefer achieving sexual awakening as Paul does – remotely – the past two years of Covid-19 protocols have instilled in them the belief that not only does the no-touch policy abide by the law, but many of them, ideally. Much easier to flirt online than spin the bottle, which is only microbial and semi-sensory activity. So Dune It is, on its way, the perfect sci-fi movie of 2021: a chaste teenage love story.

The most teenage girl, despite the much older age of her star, is Ryan Reynolds’ chariot free man (head of amazon), which imagines the same teleromantic scenario as Dune, except that a man falls in love with a girl not through dreams but across existential levels. It is an NPC in an online video game; It is one of the human game players. Reynolds says to the woman, “I really want to kiss you.” free manTerrifying scene. “Is this strange?” Yes! But she agrees, and she watches her computer screen and tries not to break up because the avatar she looks like locks her lips with a conscious program. In other words, the future of first kisses is multidimensional.

Or a fourth? In YA . love story The perfect little things map (head of amazon), a boy stuck in a time loop meets a girl stuck in the same time loop, and she said the girl won’t kiss said boy until she realizes that said kiss is the last peak of a 4D hypermap of perfect moments, and completing it will free them both from this “time anomaly”. There are frequent references to hard dayAnd edge of tomorrow, And Doctor fromAll of this should feel compelled, but no. Nor the famous line taken from are taken In another beloved time-looper game of the year, leader level (Hulu)and starring Frank Grillo as a muscle-bound ex-soldier with A A specific set of skills Forced to live the same day over and over, enduring death with all manner of stabbings, shootings, beheadings and explosions as he tries, with the help of Michelle Yeoh’s sword, to find a way to rescue his old (confused) girlfriend Naomi Watts, kill the last boss (and very confused Mel Gibson) Save the world from the collapse of space-time (the source of confusion). Once again, love wins the day, even if Watts has been in the movie all Zendaya’s been around Dune.

Perhaps, at this point, you prefer your women to be on the more obvious side of things. If so, think of the French movie Oxygen (Netflix), the main character is – almost – a scientist, played by the brilliant Melanie Laurent. She wakes up in an AI-controlled cryogenic container and has to figure out how to escape from it before the nominal oxygen runs out. Who put it there? so where over there? Soon, she began to remember the man. Husband. love of her life. Whoever died in a horrific pandemic returned to Earth. Yes, that’s it: it’s part of a mission to save the human race, and it’s expected to die completely in two generations.

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