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Best Resources about Yieldy Algorand


Best Resources about Yieldy Algorand

What does yieldly want to do with Algorand?

Third, Yieldly wants to make it easy for anyone to access Algorand and experience the many benefits of DeFi. To that end, Yieldly will release a cross-chain token bridge in June that will allow swapping of ASA YLDY for ERC-20 YLDY.

Is Algorand the future of Defi?

“With nominal fees and fast transaction speeds and energy-efficient design; Algorand is the ideal platform upon which to build a future-proof DeFi solution. The Yieldly no-loss lottery really has the potential to become a major onboarding platform into DeFi platforms at large.

Why should you use Algorand for cryptocurrency trading?

Because Algorand allows users to trade value faster, with lower fees and more security than any other protocol. Users can now use Yieldly’s cross-chain technology – a world-first – to exchange value between Algorand and Ethereum, and this is just the beginning.

What's new with Algorand and Asa?

Swap ASA tokens seamlessly via the world’s first audited cross-chain bridge connecting Algorand and broader DeFi networks. Yieldly’s ASA-ERC20 bridge is live, with partnership onboarding and new blockchain extensions (BSC, POLY, and more) coming soon. First staking assets native to Algorand.

Yieldy Algorand

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