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Best Resources about Avalanche Vs Algorand


Best Resources about Avalanche Vs Algorand

What is Algorand (Algo)?

Algorand was created by Turing award winner Silvio Micali. He is one of the most known and rewarded people in the crypto world and has provided so many new technologies for crypto. This is why when Algo started, it was sold for 2.4$ each without a problem during the ICO period.

What is the difference between Algorand and Sol?

Well, Algorand tries to not only solve this problem for websites but for software as well. This way if you need space for just a bit, you get a small amount, if you need a lot, you get a lot more but more importantly if your need changes, what Algo can do for you changes at the same time. Sol on the other hand doesn’t do any of that.

What is algo network (Algo)?

You could have your own project on top of the Algo network and it can sustain over one million transactions per day. It is based on proof-of-stake and helps the world be just that much greener thanks to it. With a staking option and over a million transactions per day, it is certainly one of the cheapest and fastest blockchains out there.

Avalanche Vs Algorand

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