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Best Resources about Algorand Vs Solana


Best Resources about Algorand Vs Solana

What are Algorand and Solana?

What Are Algorand and Solana? Algorand was created by Turing award winner Silvio Micali. He is one of the most known and rewarded people in the crypto world and has provided so many new technologies for crypto. This is why when Algo started, it was sold for 2.4$ each without a problem during the ICO period.

Is Algorand ready to shoot to the Moon?

I think scalability issues will plague Solana as it has in the past and Algorand’s focus on building reliable technology will prove to push them past most cryptos in the market including Solana. In addition, I think that Solana’s recent impressive run will slow down and Algorand is ready to shoot to the moon.

Will Solana replace Algorand with validators?

An Algorand node even works on a little raspberry. Maybe this won't be an issue in 10 years, but today it seems that Solana wants to replace miners with validators, or sacrificing decentralization in favor of speed Worth noting that Algorand relay node have considerably high hardware requirements too though.

What makes Solana better than avalanche?

Also, Solana is the only blockchain to count consensus messages as part of its performance metrics. If Avalanche did the same, the number would be 1.4M TPS on a single subnet. FTM actually gets faster as more validators are added to the network and Opera can already handle >10k TPS without breaking a sweat.

Algorand Vs Solana

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