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Best Resources about Algorand Governance Rewards

Best Resources about Algorand Governance Rewards

When will the Algorand community governance rewards be distributed?

January 4th, 2022 - The Algorand Foundation is pleased to confirm today the automated distribution of Governance Rewards to eligible Governors who participated in the 1st period of Algorand Community Governance (G1) is completed.

What is the Algorand governance approach?

The Governance approach for the Algorand community is designed for simplicity and maximum participation: Four quarterly Governance periods per calendar year. Each governor must commit to keeping a certain ALGO balance for each quarterly Governance period. There will be at least one voting session in each period.

What is the governance rewards payout?

Governance Rewards Payout: There is a 1-week period following the voting period during which the Foundation pays eligible governors their governance rewards. If a governor's account is still eligible for governance rewards, an amount of ALGOs is paid to the governor equal to GOVERNANCE_REWARDS * (GOVERNOR_COMMITTED_ALGOS / TOTAL_COMMITTED_ALGOS).

What happened to the staking rewards in Algorand?

The Algorand Foundation has phased out participation (staking) rewards. Starting from April 2022, staking rewards dropped to 0 and are replaced by governance rewards. As a result, from April 2022, you will stop receiving staking rewards in your Algorand account in Ledger Live.

Algorand Governance Rewards

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