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Best Resources about Algorand Ethdenver

Best Resources about Algorand Ethdenver

Why join the Algorand community at ethdenver?

Join the Algorand Community February 11-20, as we storm the gates of ETHDenver to sponsor and mingle with the largest gathering of web3 developers in the world.

Is Algorand the future of sustainable finance?

From decentralized finance to generative NFT art (and everything in between), our sustainable blockchain is powering economic models of the future. Algorand is unleashing scalability, fusing TradFi x DeFi, and accelerating global sustainability.

How do I contact ethdenver?

We suggest reaching out in Discord as many Stewards and mentors are actively monitoring requests. You can also direct requests to, particularly if they are complex or personal in nature.

Algorand Ethdenver

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