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Best Resources about Algorand Earth Day

Best Resources about Algorand Earth Day

What is Algorand doing in Times Square in 2022?

NEW YORK, April 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Algorand, the blockchain transforming business models of all kinds, today announced it will showcase its commitment to sustainability and climate-first technology in Times Square, NYC.

Is Algorand the future of sustainable finance?

From decentralized finance to generative NFT art (and everything in between), our sustainable blockchain is powering economic models of the future. Algorand is unleashing scalability, fusing TradFi x DeFi, and accelerating global sustainability.

What is Algorand (Algo)?

"Algorand was built from the start to achieve global speed, scale, and decentralization, while maintaining a lightweight, energy efficient footprint," said Staci Warden, CEO of the Algorand Foundation. "That's what sets us apart from other blockchains."

What is Algorand Foundation?

Algorand Foundation Launches 200 Million Algo Staking Reward Program. Our pure proof-of-stake protocol is the first of its kind to support the scale, open participation, and transaction finality for billions of users. All backed by a sustainable business and a renowned team of experts.

Algorand Earth Day

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