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The DeeStream (DST) Presale Has Everyone Talking, Attracting Early Buy-Ins From Immutable (IMX) And Tron (TRX) Holders. This Widespread Hype Is Not Without Reason,...
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Altlayer’s Market Tumbles: Could DeeStream (DST) and Cardano Offer Better ROI?

From regulatory tussles to new crypto product approval, the market uncertainty has taken a toll on many crypto assets, including the newly launched Altlayer (ALT). While Cardano (ADA) trades sideways, DeeStream’s (DST) resilience and presale growth have restored hope for a better investment. Can DeeStream and Cardano (ADA) offer better ROI?

Altlayer (ALT) Faces Massive Sell-Off

A newly launched decentralized protocol for rollups, Altlayer (ALT), was one of the raves of this week. The Rollup as a Service (RaaS) provider gained popularity after Binance announced support for its recently concluded launchpool program.

However, the Altlayer (ALT) token has fallen into a horrible bear descent, losing over 18% of its value in the past 24 hours. In fact, the token earned a bearish rating per Investing.com after witnessing a massive selloff following airdrop distribution.

Altlayer (ALT)’s fall discouraged many new and seasoned investors who believed and aped in early to Altlayer (ALT), no doubt! But could Kelexo or Cardano (ADA) offer a better opportunity?

Analysts Predict 50x for DeeStream (DST) in Presale as It Revolutionizes Video Streaming

If you’ve been following the news lately, DeeStream (DST) won’t be a new name. It isn’t just another streaming platform – it’s a revolution. DeeStream (DST) is built on blockchain, making it decentralized, uncensorable, and immutable. Imagine a platform where creators own their content, fans connect directly, and possibilities are limitless.

DeeStream (DST) doesn’t just disrupt streaming it opens up a universe of income streams for creators. Think subscriptions, fan tokens, and more – all powered by the power of Web3. As a result, Seasoned investors and analysts are predicting 50x gains for DeeStream’s presale token, DST.

DeeStream (DST) is a project built to last. A 1,000-day team lockup prevents dumping, and platform liquidity is locked forever. Its presale gives investors a chance to know what lifetime growth that outpaces the potential of Cardano (ADA) and Altlayer (ALT) looks like. The presale is your chance to be part of this revolution at an incredible price: just $0.035 per DST token.

Is Cardano (ADA) a Better Investment?

Cardano (ADA) would have had excellent hope in the FUD rocking the crypto market. Unfortunately, after analysts disclosed the network as largely empty, the same FUD has surrounded Cardano (ADA)’s price.

This has taken many investors aback, especially as Cardano (ADA) initially was lauded for its research-based scalability approach. What could’ve happened? Per Coingecko, Cardano (ADA) has lost over 17% in the past 30 days. Worse, TVL and Open Interest have gone down by over 20%. This negative outlook makes DeeStream (DST) a better asset with an alluring ROI than Cardano (ADA).


Unlike Altlayer (ALT) and Cardano (ADA), facing future uncertainty, DeeStream (DST) has set sail with unbeatable innovation and lifelong success. Prices are set to increase, so the earlier you join, the bigger your potential profits. That’s before DeeStream (DST) even hits exchanges!

Find out more about the DeeStream presale at their official website

Yuki Yamamoto
Yuki Yamamoto
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