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137 Best Monday Online Deals (2021): Amazon, Walmart, Target


Google Nest Audio.

Image: google

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The Nest Mini, reduced to $25, is all you need if you’re entering the smart home world for the first time, but Nest Audio (8/10, WIRED recommends) is what you’ll want to upgrade to if you’re after better music quality. Pair two and you’ll have a great stereo system. They can double as Bluetooth speakers, or just ask Google Assistant to play music through your favorite music streaming service. The assistant can also control your smart home devices, and it will try to answer anything you ask, from weather updates to whether onions are toxic to dogs (they are).

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The latest Amazon Echo (8/10, WIRED recommends) delivers more powerful sound in all directions thanks to its 360-degree profile. There is also a 3.5mm output so you can connect it to any existing speaker systems. Talk to Alexa to control your smart devices, set timers, and get news alerts. There is so much that this little field can do.

The speakers are not as good on this model as on the Echo above, but what makes this model special are the parental controls; You can set time limits, filter explicit content, and review activity. You get Amazon Kids+ for a year, which includes audiobooks and games ($3 a month after that).

targetingAnd best buyAnd bed bath behind

Smart displays show the time, double as picture frames, and give you a stable touchscreen to control your smart home devices. We like Google’s latest Nest Hub, which is powered by the Google Assistant. The speakers and microphones are solid, great for the kitchen or bedside table (no camera). It can even track your sleep, although the feature was a bit wonky when we tested it.

We didn’t test this exact Wyze cam model, but we did use its predecessor (it’s in our guide to our Best Indoor Security Cameras). This bundle pairs it up with the second generation Nest Hub at a bewilderingly low price. You can view the video feed from the Nest Hub by asking Google Assistant to swipe up.

Photography: Arlo

best buyAnd Lowe’s (unavailable)

In our guide to the best outdoor security cameras, this is our favorite. Get crystal clear shots during the day And At night, thanks to 2K resolution and HDR support. There is a built-in siren and two-way audio, so you can talk to people through the camera. We needed to recharge it after less than three months of use. This deal is for 3 packs.

targetingAnd best buyAnd bed bath behind

If your household is equipped with smart devices powered by the Google Assistant, you may want to give the new Google Nest Cam a shot. It works indoors, with clear 1080p video and two-way audio. There’s HDR and night vision support too, as well as motion notifications for people, cars, and pets. The battery version is also on sale for $150 ($30 off), and needs to be recharged after about a month. For more information, see our guide to the best outdoor security cameras.

WalmartAnd Amazon

One of the great things about Eufy security cameras is that they don’t require a subscription and you can record video locally on the HomeBase hub. The EufyCam 2 Pro made the best outdoor security camera guide for this reason, but also because the two included cameras produce crisp, clear footage at up to 2K resolution and boast an extremely long battery life. On the downside, there’s no HDR, online video access can be slow, and activity areas are limited.

Pet Accessories Deals

We’ve rounded up more pet gear and accessory deals here.

Roverlund pet carrier.

Photo: Roverlund

Roverlund (use CYBER2021 at checkout)

This carrier complies with the size requirements of most major airlines, and I really like it. The handle can double as a leash, there’s a pocket on the side to store treats, and you can keep your dog hooked in the bag. The mesh makes it breathable, plus a sturdy (and plush) base means your pup can take a nap in the air or on the train. I also regularly use Roverlund’s new pet carry, perfect for NYC subway rides, where dogs are required to be in a bag.

This is an expensive litter box, but it’s rare to find a bargain on it. We tested them and wrote about them in our guide to the best cat toys and supplies. It has detachable sides and comes with a place to keep the included scoop and scoops.

Two WIRED reviewers tested the cat DNA test and loved it. It’s a quick turnaround, and you get a lot of health and breed information about your kitten. That’s not the lowest price we’ve ever seen (it’s down to $69 in 2019), but it’s still a great deal.

Park Box.

Photo: Park Boxes

Barkbox delivers a customized box of toys and treats for your dog delivered to your door every month. For new members, the company offers everything double — toys, candy, and chews — if you sign up for a six- or 12-month plan. BarkBox is in our guide to the best dog tech and accessories, and for good reason. The games are of high quality, as are the desserts, although you may quickly get tired of the number of rewards that pile up. It’s a lot.


Nobody wants the terrible shock of finding out that their beloved friend is sick. A DNA test can help you know what to expect in the future, and it gives you great information about breeds as well. Embark is the most expensive dog test we’ve tried, but it’s packed with information. You can even find your dog’s relatives.

(Enter the code CYBERMONDAY at checkout)

We tried the old Fi collar and loved it. It uses your home’s Wi-Fi, cellular networks, and GPS to track your dog if they go missing and track their fitness. There is a light on the collar for night walking, and the brand says the battery should last three months.

Mattress Offers

These are not the only mattresses on sale. We’ve rounded up more of our favorite mattresses here. For more details, read our Best Mattress Buying Guide. We associate queen size mattress for most of these, but other sizes are for sale.

Helix Midnight Luxe Hybrid Mattress.

Photo: IUD

Of the dozens of mattresses we tested, this is our favorite. He’s the only one who put WIRED Reviews Director Jeffrey Van Camp to sleep in a bright room full of other people testing the mattresses. It has a medium firm feel and is comfortable for many sleeping positions, and the hybrid design provides better support for your back. This offer includes two free pillows.

(Enter the code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout)

This affordable mattress looks more expensive than it is, with gel-infused memory foam to keep your body cool and individually wrapped wraps to provide great edge support. The high-density foam gives it a supportive, medium-firm feel. Normally you shouldn’t skimp on a product you’ll use every day, but if your budget is tight, this is one of the best results you deserve.

Casper (choose hybrid)

Casper’s hybrid was the palate cleaner for WIRED’s resident bedding laboratory, Jeffrey Van Camp. It has a great balance of soft and supportive, is breathable, and moderately priced – and even more so on sale. This model is slightly different from the one we tested, but reviews around the web say that it is very similar.

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